Monday, February 23, 2009

Using an Elmer's Glue Bottle for Slip Decoration

For years I have been using a fine tipped glaze bottle for my slip application and decorations. For just as long I have been immensely frustrated when the tip gets blocked and expels a giant blob of clay slurry all over my design in 30 second intervals. Of course, it's my own fault for putting up with it as long as I have as well as forgetting to purchase a slip bottle when I am at my ceramic supply store.

Just the other day the heaven's were singing when I spied a near empty Elmer's glue bottle in the closet. The light bulb above my head signaled that this container would make a good slip bottle. I rigorously cleaned the container with hot water, my small sponge on a stick tool and a hooked wire to clean the difficult top edging. I also removed the orange plastic top and cut off the inverted "Y" white plastic tip to permit more slip flow. Taking a small drill bit I enlarged the opening of the orange cap from the underside out. Mixed up a nice smooth red clay slurry, filled the Elmer's glue container by way of a funnel, closed it up and squeezed to my hearts delight. No more giant slurry blobs on my designs or toads. My toad house production is going to get a lot easier now.

The only question is how to keep the slurry in the container from drying out since I removed the inverted "Y"? I decided to pour in 1/2 inch of water to keep the slurry moist and found a thin piece of copper wire to set in the hole. The sitting water will not mix with the slurry so long as I don't vigorously shake the container and a fair amount of the water can be squeezed out before the next use.


Dancing Dolphin Pottery said...

Great idea!! I have at least 2 of those small bottles with the needle for slip trailing, but they always get jammed up like you said. I'll try your idea!

~Jenn Danza~ said...

This is a fantastic idea!! Thanks for sharing!!