Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Locks of Love

Last week I finally decided it was time to donate a good portion of my hair to Locks of Love. I was fortunate to have the kind of hair capable of cutting off circulation around your toes when a stray got into your sock and when it was worn down strangers in the vicinity would succumb to its firm tangled grasp by means of static electricity. Suffice to say it was long enough measuring in at 44 inches in length. Oddly, I never really realized just how long it was until I cut it.

I proudly made my meager sacrifice and settled on donating 21 inches to Locks of Love. My head feels 10 pounds lighter and I can actually wear it down now without risk of injury to myself or others.


Kim Hines said...

i did this once! unfortunately once i cut my hair off, i loved it so much when it was shorter i've never grown it out again. great cause though :)
love your blog by the way, i like all the tips and info you have in here. i'll have to check your previous posts to see what other good stuff you have in here!

Clay Dancer Pottery said...

Thank you so much Kim. I am delighted that you enjoy my little blog...I need to create some more tips to post. As far as the hair, I am enjoying the new length and will probably grow it out again for another donation in the future.

Joy Reeds said...

Locks of Love is a con, they make people pay for wigs, and they pocket the money, google it

Also Natural Hair is toxic to cancer and alopecia victims, synthetic hair is best for them. Also by donating hair, you are putting peer pressure on bald kids to hide they symptoms of illness, this results in out of sight out of mind, and thus cancer and Autoimmune research does not get funded.